Mister Maint FIMS : The software to optimize your fleet management

FIMS : serving marine maintenance

The Mister Maint FIMS advantages

  • MTBF Reduction, minimize ship stops, mini repairs budget
  • Time savings for administrative tasks on board and at shore
  • Centralised information system sharing data between ships and all departments at Company offices
  • Flexible, easy to use, dialogues with all I.T. systems and databases
  • Mobile, web access from anywhere, for authorised people

New innovative financing model

Our financing model works as a subscription per month or longer period (quarterly...)

There are many advantages to use the Mister Maint FIMS financing model :

  • No long term commitment, limited risk, freedom to resign
  • Easy "upgrading" or "downgrading" according needs
  • Easy way to compare running costs of the fleet with the cost of DocSea FIMS service